Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Findus and the Fox


Old man Pettson lives out in the country with his
speaking  cat Findus and a flock of hens.

One day his neighbor Gustavsson and his dog come over and tell Pettson that there is a fox sneaking around the neighborhood  eating hens. Gustavsson also tells him that he is going to shoot the fox.

After Gustavsson leaves, Findus says that you are supposed to scare foxes away-not shoot them.
They decide to build a hen that they fill with pepper,
and trick the fox to bite it

But Findus is not satisfied. He  also wants fireworks and wants to
be hanging in a zip line disguised as a ghost, screaming
You shall not steal hens!”
When night falls , they hide and wait for the fox.
Findus falls asleep but Pettson sees when the fox is coming.
The fox is thin from hunger and limps where it has hurt it`s leg. It is not fooled by the pepper hen, but sneaks away.
Suddenly, Findus is awoke by something sneezing and spitting.
He lights the fireworks and throws himself out on the zip line, screamingYou shall not chase foxes!”
He said the wrong thing, but it turned out right, for now he could see that Gustavssons dog had bitten the fake hen when they were out hunting the fox.
When they saw the fireworks and the ghost they were very afraid and promised not to chase foxes anymore.
The fox does not return to the farm anymore, so Pettson, Findus and the hens can go back to their nice and quiet life again.

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