Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

           The Old man’s  daughter  and 

       the  King Frog  
  Fata Mosului si Regele Broscoi
 A fost odata ca niciodata o fata care locuia impreuna cu tatal sau intr-o casa mare unde avea o curte plina de animale de tot felul.
                     Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her father in a big house with a big yard and a farm full of all kind of animals.

Intr-o zi, fata mosului a fost sa isi viziteze prietenii: catelusua ce o ingrijise care era sanatoasă,  parul plin de pere gustoase si aurii,  cuptorul plin cu placinte rumenite si pe fantana plina cu apa limpede si rece.
                      One day, the old man’s daughter went to visit her old friends; the dog which was healthy, the pear tree which was full of golden pears, the oven which had fresh baked pies and the fountain which was full of cold and fresh water.

Fata mosului a luat de pe fantana un paharel de argint, dar cand sa bea apa din fantana paharul a cazut din mana fetei in fantana adanca.Fata mosului a fost foarte suparata ca a pierdut unul din paharelele de argint. Deodata a auzit o voce:
                  The old man’s daughter took a silver cup from the top of the fountain but when she tried to take some water the cup fell into the deep fountain. The old man’s daughter was so upset because she had lost one of the silver cups. Suddenly she heard a voice:

“Fata frumoasa, de ce esti suparata?” Cand si-a ridicat privirea a vazut ca acolo era un broscoi.
“ Vai draga broscoiule, mi-a cazut un paharel de argint la care tin foarte mult in fantana si nu stiu cum am sa il recuperez.”

“Beautiful girl why are you so upset?”
When she looked up she saw that there was a frog looking at her.
“Oh, my dear frog, one of my silver cups fell into the fountain and I don’t know how to get it back.”

“Daca  imi vei promite ca imi vei fi prietena, te voi ajuta eu.”
Fata mosului, fiind prietena cu toata lumea fu de acord cu propunerea broscoiului.
Broscoiul a sarit repede in fantana si i-a adus fetei paharul de argint.
Fata mosului i-a multumit broscoiului, i-a oferit placinte calde, pere si apă rece din fântână.

 “Well, said the frog, if you  promise me that you will be my friend, I will help you.”
The old man’s daughter who was very friendly and kind promised the frog to be his friend.
The frog jumped into the fountain and brought the girl her silver cup.
 The girl   thanked the frog,   gave him hot pies, pears and cold water. 
Tu unde stai, îl intrebă fata moşului.
“Eu stau departe in Austria si am pornit prin lume sa-mi caut un prieten adevarat care sa vrea sa se joace şi cu mine.”
“Acum esti prietenul meu!”

“Where do you live?” asks the girl.

„I live far away in Austria and I travel in the world to look for true friend who wants to play with me.”

„A, you are my friend,


Acesta i-a povestit fetei cum o vrajitoare rea l-a fermecat şi l-a transformat dintr-un prinţ în broască si numai daca gasea o fata cu suflet bun care sa ii devina prietena vraja se putea rupe, transformandu-se inapoi in print.
Si de atunci ei au devenit cei mai buni prieteni  şi  se vizitează în ţările lor. Acum Broscuţa se află în Romania spunându-şi povestea.

The frog told the girl how a bad witch put a spell on him and from a prince he was charmed into a frog.

And because the girl kept her promise and became the frog’s friend, the spell could be broken anytime turning the frog into the handsome prince.

And since then they’ve become the best friends ever and they visit in their countries. Now the frog is in Romania telling his story.

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013


Somewhere, in a lttle village in Poland there lived Matołek the Goat. His dream was to get to a little town Pacanów, where, he heard, the men shoe the goats.
He had no idea where Pacanów was, so he bought a map. He found out that the world is large and finding Pacanów isn't going to be easy. He felt dizzy after he realised, how hard task it would be. But Matołek was stubborn and he didn't want to give up.
He started his journey. He sailed and walked for a long time.
One night he met a bad old women - Baba Jaga, who prisoned little children. As Matołek was smarter then her, he threw the bad women into the river and then freed the boy and the girl.
While looking for Pacanów he also got to America, where he was ofered a job in the movie. He met the Native Americans, who wanted him to be their chief.
But he experienced the most frightening adventure in Arica. The local people were dancing around him, then they dug a hole in the ground and collected some wood or bonfire.Their intension was to make Matołek for dinner. Luckily, he managed to escape.
Matołek visited many other places on his way to Pacanów and he had a lot adventures.
Finally he got to Poland. Here, they told him, that goats don't need goat shoes and that in Pacanów there live three men whose surname is GOAT, who are blacksmiths and they shoe but the ... horses - "In Pacanów the GOATs shoe..."
Our hero decided to stay in Poland. His decision made happy lots of kids, who convinced him that everything he was looking for, he can find in his own country - Poland!

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

I. The Billy Goat", called "Koziołek Matołek" was nice, clumsy, laughable and not very bright. But he has a big heart, he loved adventures and he travelled a lot.
II. Once, when he was travelling, he met a very sad family. They were very unhappy, because their house burnt out.
III. They were so sad, because they loved their home - it was for them a magic place, full of memoires, it was a shelter from whirlwinds of life. The family was not rich and they could not built a new house.
IV. The Billy-Goat wanted to help, to do something for the family, and he decided to act. He called the good people and institutions, he called to the radio, to the newspapers and the television.
V. He also spoke to the neighbours and exhorted them to action.
VI. The Billy-Goat was really succesful by the action. He wake up in people the spirit of solidarity and helping others, the spirit of beeing supportive and sharing with others. The people understood, that giving and sharing means much more than receiving and makes much more happy. So they came and helped the family to built a new house!
VII. The new house was magical and beautiful, it was like a dream!
VIII. The Billy-Goat helped Santa to prepare gifts for whole family, too!
IX. The family was so happy,and it was very gratefull to all good helpfull people. The Billy-Goat said goodbye to the family , wishing them a good luck and Happy New Year! Then he got underway, looking for new adventures...

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Dear Partners,
Let's welcome this Year with smiles on our faces and hopes in our hearts for the best! Wishing you a very happy New Year filled with hope, peace, joy, love and new beginnings !!!
HAPPY   NEW   YEAR   2013!!!

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013



Tale from Marti "Colourful angels”

A long time ago there lived a young innocent girl, whose name was Egle (Eng. fir/Christmas tree). Later she married a young man called Žilvinas and gave birth to four nice kids. One silent winter evening there appeared an Advent star in the sky, it enlighted all the Eglė’s kids and they became colourful angels of goodness.
         Angels were kind and helpful to people. They taught people how to start a fire, to draw the sea, and to plant beautiful flowers. They helped people to take care of their kids and told them fairytales of the far countries. These stories comforted those who were ill or unhappy, they made little miracles.
          Advent is a period of quietness and expectations, time for hopes and miracles to come true. And Eglė’s kids – colourful angels – had to fulfil these miracles. Thus, they started their journey. 
The pink angel visited Jurbarkas school „Ąžuoliukas“ kids, and wished them good health, and that all their dreams would come true. The pink angel gifted the kids with the symbol of happiness and goodness –snow white angel, who helps to fight even the worst illnesses. This angel is also sending a small wonderful angel to the boy Marti from Bulgaria Shumen „Brothers Grimm“ kindergarten No 23 and wishes him a Christmas wonder - to get well soon.
The white angel visited the elderly people’s home and wished them long years of life, and that there was no lonely and unhappy people in the world. The white angel gifted Christmas cards to the elderly people.
The yellow angel came to the nursing home. He wished all the ill people good health, goodness of their families, and gifted the light of hope for good health.
The blue angel visited the orphans’ home. He gifted the kids with a shining star – the symbol of hope and kindness.
       Eglė’s children – angels visited all those who waited for them, and grew their wings of goodness. They remind us that goodness unites us:
 „Let’s catch our hope,
                      and warm it up in our hands,      
put it to our small hearts
                              and wait for the Christmas miracle...“
    Every holy Christmas night miracles happen. You only need to look up at the sky and ask your angel to make your most beautiful wish to come true. Hope, and your wishes will come true.