Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Tale from Marti "Colourful angels”

A long time ago there lived a young innocent girl, whose name was Egle (Eng. fir/Christmas tree). Later she married a young man called Žilvinas and gave birth to four nice kids. One silent winter evening there appeared an Advent star in the sky, it enlighted all the Eglė’s kids and they became colourful angels of goodness.
         Angels were kind and helpful to people. They taught people how to start a fire, to draw the sea, and to plant beautiful flowers. They helped people to take care of their kids and told them fairytales of the far countries. These stories comforted those who were ill or unhappy, they made little miracles.
          Advent is a period of quietness and expectations, time for hopes and miracles to come true. And Eglė’s kids – colourful angels – had to fulfil these miracles. Thus, they started their journey. 
The pink angel visited Jurbarkas school „Ąžuoliukas“ kids, and wished them good health, and that all their dreams would come true. The pink angel gifted the kids with the symbol of happiness and goodness –snow white angel, who helps to fight even the worst illnesses. This angel is also sending a small wonderful angel to the boy Marti from Bulgaria Shumen „Brothers Grimm“ kindergarten No 23 and wishes him a Christmas wonder - to get well soon.
The white angel visited the elderly people’s home and wished them long years of life, and that there was no lonely and unhappy people in the world. The white angel gifted Christmas cards to the elderly people.
The yellow angel came to the nursing home. He wished all the ill people good health, goodness of their families, and gifted the light of hope for good health.
The blue angel visited the orphans’ home. He gifted the kids with a shining star – the symbol of hope and kindness.
       Eglė’s children – angels visited all those who waited for them, and grew their wings of goodness. They remind us that goodness unites us:
 „Let’s catch our hope,
                      and warm it up in our hands,      
put it to our small hearts
                              and wait for the Christmas miracle...“
    Every holy Christmas night miracles happen. You only need to look up at the sky and ask your angel to make your most beautiful wish to come true. Hope, and your wishes will come true.


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