Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

I. The Billy Goat", called "Koziołek Matołek" was nice, clumsy, laughable and not very bright. But he has a big heart, he loved adventures and he travelled a lot.
II. Once, when he was travelling, he met a very sad family. They were very unhappy, because their house burnt out.
III. They were so sad, because they loved their home - it was for them a magic place, full of memoires, it was a shelter from whirlwinds of life. The family was not rich and they could not built a new house.
IV. The Billy-Goat wanted to help, to do something for the family, and he decided to act. He called the good people and institutions, he called to the radio, to the newspapers and the television.
V. He also spoke to the neighbours and exhorted them to action.
VI. The Billy-Goat was really succesful by the action. He wake up in people the spirit of solidarity and helping others, the spirit of beeing supportive and sharing with others. The people understood, that giving and sharing means much more than receiving and makes much more happy. So they came and helped the family to built a new house!
VII. The new house was magical and beautiful, it was like a dream!
VIII. The Billy-Goat helped Santa to prepare gifts for whole family, too!
IX. The family was so happy,and it was very gratefull to all good helpfull people. The Billy-Goat said goodbye to the family , wishing them a good luck and Happy New Year! Then he got underway, looking for new adventures...

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