Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013


Somewhere, in a lttle village in Poland there lived Matołek the Goat. His dream was to get to a little town Pacanów, where, he heard, the men shoe the goats.
He had no idea where Pacanów was, so he bought a map. He found out that the world is large and finding Pacanów isn't going to be easy. He felt dizzy after he realised, how hard task it would be. But Matołek was stubborn and he didn't want to give up.
He started his journey. He sailed and walked for a long time.
One night he met a bad old women - Baba Jaga, who prisoned little children. As Matołek was smarter then her, he threw the bad women into the river and then freed the boy and the girl.
While looking for Pacanów he also got to America, where he was ofered a job in the movie. He met the Native Americans, who wanted him to be their chief.
But he experienced the most frightening adventure in Arica. The local people were dancing around him, then they dug a hole in the ground and collected some wood or bonfire.Their intension was to make Matołek for dinner. Luckily, he managed to escape.
Matołek visited many other places on his way to Pacanów and he had a lot adventures.
Finally he got to Poland. Here, they told him, that goats don't need goat shoes and that in Pacanów there live three men whose surname is GOAT, who are blacksmiths and they shoe but the ... horses - "In Pacanów the GOATs shoe..."
Our hero decided to stay in Poland. His decision made happy lots of kids, who convinced him that everything he was looking for, he can find in his own country - Poland!

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